“Triplanner” is a concept app aimed at travellers who thoroughly enjoy planning their holidays.
It allows them to create the itinerary they prefer, giving them suggestions on things to do and places to visit and it keeps all their booking confirmations in one easily accessible place.
It also collects and organises every picture and note taken during the trip, so travellers can look at their memories when their holiday comes to an end.


I wanted to learn how to make organising a trip on a mobile app painless and fun.
I wanted to learn what exactly would make a mobile app appealing to someone interested in travelling and organising
a trip and find out what people perceive difficult and what they enjoy in the process.
My target audience are males and females, aged 25-45, who are interested in traveling.
From the results of interviews with my target audience I produced an affinity map that helped to show feature trends.

Based on competitor analysis and the affinity map findings, a persona was developed, Genny Lowrance.
Designing for Genny helped in making informed design decisions as I had the end user always in mind.

user flow



visual design